SOLI: VIO.ME. Greece

Vio.Me. – Occupy, Resist, Produce!


Since May 2011 the workers of VIO.ME., an abandoned building materials factory in Greece, haven‘t been paid. Consequently they decided to take over and democratically run the production on their own – a successful manufacturing model for a free society. As a matter of fact, the surrounding society is anything but free and capitalist “free market” rules make it hard to adapt to the alternative concept of industrial solidarity.

To protect VIO.ME. and the struggle of the workers in Greece and worldwide YOU can help:

-> Spread the Message!

-> Contribute Economically: Donate! (see donation link below)

-> Organize in your workplace, your neighborhood, your town!

-> Send Solidarity Statements to:

IWW Greece | International Solidarity Commission of the IWW

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