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Solidarity with ASOTRECOL Workers!

The International Solidarity Commission of the Industrial Workers of the World extends its solidarity to the Association of Injured Workers and Ex-Workers of General Motors Colmotores (ASOTRECOL) in their ongoing struggle for justice in demanding compensation from General Motors.

Since 2011, when General Motors fired a group of 68 workers from the GM Colmotores plant in Bogotá, Colombia because the injuries the workers sustained toiling in the plant became too severe for them to continue working, ASOTRECOL has waged an international campaign to bolster solidarity with these injured workers. GM Colmotores has denied all the workers’ claims and subsequently denied them severance pay, medical care, and any hope of employment with GM in another sector despite workers’ tenure at the plant. GM Colmotores refuses to resolve this dispute and has in the past explicitly obstructed mediation efforts.

ASOTRECOL’s demands are as follows: recognize that workers’ injuries were sustained on the job; pay for the costs of medical treatment for workers’ injuries; assume the costs of pension or disability payments to workers injured so severely that they are no longer able to engage in wage labor to sufficiently make ends meet; and, compensate workers for economic hardships incurred due to a lack of severance pay and medical compensation (i.e. provide for lost wages, foreclosed upon homes, etc.)

ASOTRECOL has waged a daring and inspiring campaign to win recognition for these workers, including publicizing a workers hunger strike and supporting an ongoing encampment outside the US embassy in Bogotá. International solidarity efforts in the US have included protests outside the homes of GM Board of Directors members. This struggle represents nothing less than an international class war between the multinational employing class and the working class of South America. For this reason, the International Solidarity Commission implores membership to support this prolonged class struggle by both extending financial solidarity to ASOTRECOL and through continued awareness raising activities in your home GMBs.

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Solidarity forever,

FW sparrow, F H., J R V.

International Solidarity Commission of the IWW