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Solidarity with the workers at AGR-Clarin!

The International Solidarity Commission of the Industrial Workers of the World extends its solidarity to the workers of the Argentinian newspaper printer AGR-Clarin, who have occupied their workplace in protest of the company’s layoffs, and are currently enduring attempted evictions by police and a lockout by the Clarin Group.

Alongside our sister unions Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ESE Athens) and the Free Workers Union (Hamburg), we condemn the Clarin Group’s strike-breaking tactics to print the Sunday edition of the newspaper in Chile. The AGR-Clarin workers business committee have sent both Chilean unions and the Argentine truckers union letters requesting that they do not print or transfer the scab newspaper.

Having occupied the printing facility for two months, the AGR-Clarin workers are now being threatened with eviction by the police. This eviction attempt should not be distinguished from the larger assault on the Argentine labor movement, as well as the movement of self-managed occupied factories, conducted by the neoliberal Macri government through the use of austerity policies.

We therefore issue a call for solidarity with AGR-Clarin workers against eviction from their factory and against efforts to disrupt their occupation and self-management.

A statement by AGR-Clarin workers can be found here in Spanish:

AGR-Clarin workers on Facebook:

Solidarity forever,

FW Sparrow, Florian H., Joey v.d.N.

International Solidarity Commission of the IWW