workers struggles


Last one and half year the anarchist movement in Kharkiv became maybe not a huge, but visible force in the city. We gain completely new experience, new people and the most important – inspiration and courage to realize new projects.

We are going to open a new social-cultural center as a space for non-commercial projects. Now we started or going to start infoshop, free drawing lessons as a part of art workshop, free English speaking club for learning language, discussion club with regular lectures and events on historical, social, political and environmentalist topics.

Besides of general militarization in Ukraine, we had to face the rise of right wing and neonazi movements, which also penetrate security service and police forces. Recently in Kharkiv take place some organized mass attacks on dormitories of international students, what never happened even half a year ago.

In connection with it we made a “Day against racism and xenophobia”, which has educational character and was a platform for cooperation of different initiatives acting against racism.

Also a self-defense is an urgent issue. So the most important project this summer is to open a free antifascist gym. We are looking for equipment and have started free trainings mostly just outside. But to continue it, when the cold times will come, we need our own gym, which we will place in a new social center.

To maintain such a gym and for other projects we need money.

Unfortunately, anarchist movement in Kharkiv and in the Ukraine never was a rich one. And this days, after local currency crash and continuous economical crisis, it became almost impossible to solve financial issues on our own. It is a reason, why we are asking people, who care and is ready to help for support:

  • To transfer some money, using accounts mentioned below. Just keep in mind, that even amounts seems very small for u, can help us a lot. In example, actually we are looking for 3600 hrivnas (about 150 Euro).
  • To spread infos about our activities and this support campaign
  • To translate our call-outs and articles into other languages
  • To send us books, zines, CD’s and other materials for infoshop
  • To contact us, discuss the sense and realization of our projects, exchange our experiences
  • To come and visit us, to see us and our situation from the source

Revolutionary greetings, Autonomous Workers Union Kharkiv, Ukraine

Beneficiary and his account: Bobyreva Mariia. Pasport::ME 930258, UKRAINE, city: Kharkiv. 26202011623936.
Beneficiary bank and his account: 10094986271000. UKRSOTSBANK, KIEV. SWIFT: UKRSUAUX.