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Published by Independent Workers Party:

The comrades of the Arab Workers Union from the city of Nazareth are calling for an international solidarity campaign, directed to the trade union and workers movement, and for financial support for Palestinian workers at the call centers.
The Arab Workers Union appeals to multiply the statements as swiftly as possible and to provide financial support to the bank account.
We ask you to send a copy of the statements to the mail of our paper :
(  for publication in IO.
Fraternal greetings, Lucien Gauthier

In a surprise move, three Israeli companies that provide services to the public by call Centers contacts, fired 16 Palestinians workers in the last two days, this step comes after the companies rejected the workers ‘right to establish workers’ committees in the call centers in the wake of the decision of these companies measures of sanctions against workers who have shown solidarity with Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike Mohammed Allan. These companies that employ dozens of Palestinian workers have taken sanctions against three of the workers who take steps of protest in solidarity with Palestinian prisoner. These arbitrary actions from the companies led to angry reactions among workers who carried out the strike for five hours to protest against the measures taken by the companies. The actions of the companies during the past two days continued after the workers ask the support from to the Arab workers union in Nazareth, which began legal and media proceedings against the steps of the companies in violation of the right of the Palestinian workers who expressed their right to political expression and the right to organize themselves in the work places. Our campaign initiated by the union through the media and through local radio, in addition to the expenses of the legal proceedings in the labor court will cost the union 9,600 Euros.

– Contributed to the success of the campaign to defend the right of workers to be organized in the call centers.

– Help us to continue to work with dignity and returned back the workers to their work place.

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