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Workers of Grameen Knitwear, the factory owned by Nobel Laureate Prof Dr Muhammad Yunus, observed a symbolic hunger strike in Dhaka city to protest against illegal termination & harassment.

Workers Party General Secretary Comrade Fazle Hossain Badsha (MP) today urged Nobel Laureate Prof Dr Muhammad Yunus to immediately accept the demands of the workers of Grameen Knitwear within 7 days.

“Otherwise, 50 Members of Parliament (MPs) will take to the streets against Prof Dr Muhammad Yunus,” Badsha warned the Nobel Laureate.


The Workers Party General Secretary said this while striking Grameen Knitwear’s workers, were observing a symbolic hunger strike in front of the National Press Club to press for their demands for reinstatement to their jobs or payment of legal dues and compensation.

JSD leader and Member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour Ministry Ms Shirin Akter MP also addressed the program, which was presided over by NGWF President Amirul Haque Amin. NGWF General Secretary Ms Safia Parvin and central leaders Ms Nurun Nahar, Ms Arifa Akter, Md Kabir Hossain, Nasima Akter and Grameen Knitwear’s workers also spoke on the occasion.

The Grameen Knitwear’s workers announced that they will stage protest demonstrations in front ‘Yunus Center’ if their demands were not met within the next 7 days.

It may be noted here that Prof Dr Muhammad Yunus’ Grameen Knitwear Ltd. situated inside Dhaka EPZ. It has 1,200 workers. When the workers demanded money against their last year’s accumulated earn leaves and demanded a pay rise, armed goon hired by the factory management attacked the workers. The goons created indiscipline in the factory and the management suddenly closed down the factory on March 12, 2015. The management instituted false & imaginary cases against 81 workers in charge of damaging and looting the factory. Since then, the workers were being harassed & repressed by police. Meanwhile the factory reopened & gone to production but another 79 workers had been denied access into the factory.

However, the factory management did not paid the 160 (81+79) workers their legal dues, including termination benefits, service benefits, money against earn leave and savings of provident fund.

The hunger striking workers raised 3-point demands:

  • The false and imaginary charges and case against 81 workers must be withdrawn immediately.

2)                  The 160 workers, who were denied access into the factory, should be reinstated or their legal dues should be paid as per definition of ‘termination’, which includes termination benefit, service benefit, money against accumulated earn leaves, and accumulated savings of provident fund.

Demanding implementation of 3-point demands of the workers within next 7-day, the speakers said the otherwise; Grameen Knitwear’s workers announced that they will stage protest demonstration in front ‘Yunus Center.’

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