As always, we commemorated May Day in various parts of the country, emphasizing the specific and sensitive struggles of the working class, as well as the alliances needed to build the necessary People’s Camp, from there, under the leadership of the working class.

Thus in the cities of Cap-Haitian and Port-au-Prince we organized the commemoration not only from unions but also in relation with neighborhood organizations of various workers and with organizations more directly from the petty bourgeoisie of universities and others. A certain structure is emerging, first with the setting up of a punctual unity from the unions (especially textile) and then with neighborhood and student organizations.

As every year, our statement denounced the incredible fact that in Haiti, the first of May is a complete bourgeois party!!! This year, in addition to the increasingly permanent “craft fair” that always leads to the people’s alienation, “recognitions of honor” were granted to several businessmen, in recognition of their “huge effort to advance the ‘country’ and ‘progress’ the ‘community’ etc, etc … ” and a fashion show! A Mayday! On May Day!!

The fact is that the workers’ demonstration in Port-au-Prince disturbed the government farce, making it past the police barriers and reaching the bottom of the government’s platform, shouting at the president, the prime minister and the entire government their despicable truths. These, obviously upset, tried to “open a dialogue” but the comrades ignored them, continuing with renewed open protests voiced, until finally turning their backs and heading home.

In Cap-Haitian, a notable element was the presence with us of small farmers from a nearby town, Dondon, a key link in coffee export. There, given the progress of imperialist penetration in the agro-industry, the proletarianization of smallholders is accelerating every day. This process, especially given its speed, carries huge social imbalance and disarray. Our relationship with these small farmers opens a fundamental alliance as well as the projected unity with the potential working class: an important case in its own dynamic, although the struggles, sometimes out of phase, require concentration and a clarity of decision, permanently extremely attentive, close and certain in the concrete relations with such precise types of organizations, constantly necessary …

However the largest mobilization was definitely that of Ouanaminthe. In fact, workers at Caracol (Clinton’s last free zone) traveled and joined the Codevi workers (the Ouanaminthe FTZ) to extensively occupy the streets of this border city. There, the exactions of the Dominican owner, the sinister Capellan, add to those of the Martelly government to further increase the exploitation of workers and the global domination of the people in general. The government’s promises to grant electricity were never honored which increased the tension of the entire population, who gradually added to the worker comrades to finally completely invade the city amidst angry shouts of high intensity.

Our statement for the day (distributed in all areas of mobilization), not only connected all these various problems with the general politics as such and mystifying bourgeois democracy, but also invited towards a higher degree of consciousness and an equally superior level of struggle, the only solution to such a difficult situation faced by workers and the masses in general in Haiti and around the world.


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