Fellow Worker! As you may recognized in the last few weeks, the deaths on the external borders of the European Union reached a new terribly high point. A lot of People escape increasingly from battle zones and miserable Areas in the Middle East and Africa. Meanwhile have the external borders been more brutal stepped up. Against that, there is Resistance in throughout Europe which are getting more and more networked with each other. Some Wobblies in several German Cities see themselves as Part of the pan-European Resistance and demand you to do that as well, as it is possible for you.

In several Regions there are Comrades who try to help migrating People. Most of them will find themselves as low-paid Workers and Workers in precarious Situations on the european labour market. Their fight for survival and a dignified life will be part of our efforts as wobblies. We will warmly welcome them as some of ours.

But yet, there are a lot of Migrants in Danger. In case of an emergency we’d like to support them even on the difficult trip on the Mediterranean Sea. The Initiatives that are willing to help in case of emergencies have requested us to contact seamen where it is possible.

And give you the number of the alarmphone and Information about „watch the med“ (http://watchthemed.net/ ) as well as discuss forms of protest against that inhuman way of letting people die through Frontex and others. The Initiative would be also very, very happy to receive expressions of Solidarity or Support.

The Alarmphone is one way to (see the attached Paper and their website for more information in english, french and arabic) to report Emergencies and organise help. You spread out this number to seamen. Our Mail is dedicated to all Fellow Worker in Spain, France, Italy, Greece but as well as other countries where there are contacts with seamen available. If you are able to translate this paper, please feel free to do that and spread it out to people who may be interested to help!

You can get your questions out to Helmut, one of the people of the NGO „Research Association on flight and migration“ in Germany. At present, he lives in Rabat, Morocco and speaks in addition to German, English, French, Spanish and a little Arabic.

info[at]ffm-online.org, The Alarmphone: +334 86 51 71 61, www.watchthemed.net

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